22 June 2013

That's early for Mykonos, Is it Just Me? (Yes!) and The Great Gatsby

A little bit of a gap since me last post, in which a trip to Greece and a viewing of The Great Gatsby happened.

It's not riveting stuff to report, reader, as half of my mental processes are being consumed by an anxiety of losing one's lovely tan, a tan acquired with hours basking in the Greek sun - I was lounging on a lovely beach in Mykonos this week. And so, since returning, in which cloudy skies persist, I am of course, despairing. You see, reader, I was truly made for the sunny climes, as one's skin does look so much more radiant; it does suit one so. I didn't have good reading material on the beach, reader. I rather foolishly forgot to consider it and so had to make the best of what was available at Gatwick's south terminal. Here were my chosen options: 

And in response to Miranda's question posed in her title, 'Yes, yes, it is just you.' (really a rather ridiculous read but humorous, nevertheless). I have not tackled the Philippa Gregory book yet. 

Courtesy of www.thesaint-online.com. Also, can't help thinking of  when
Michael Buckley (What the Buck?) said how he thought 'blonde on blonde' action was weird...!
But it's Leo, so it's cool...!
With regards to watching 'The Great Gatsby', I went with low expectations for I couldn't be sure Baz Luhrmann could quite please. Somewhat poetically though, the trailers screened before the movie included the upcoming 'Romeo and Juliet', which looks abysmal by the way - and why show the whole story arc in the trailer? We all know it! (Tis poetic reader, because Mr. Luhrmann became known to me only after viewing his film, 'Romeo + Juliet' which was the reason I considered getting into film-making at all: I was overcome with joy that one could bring literature - even Shakespeare - to the silver screen in such a cool, modernly-adapted way?! And it still make sense...?! Daaaamnn!)

Back to Gatsby though - kudos back to Mr. Baz because I enjoyed it so. Yes, there were times it was over the top, as expected, but it was not nearly as OTT as I thought it might be. My main concern was that it would detract from the essential heart of the story and main character but no, it did not. That was still wonderfully conveyed. All the cast were brill. It re-affirmed my belief that Luhrmann really does do a good adaptation. He takes liberties and always gives it his own flavour but doesn't detract from the essential story, the heart of what is driving the narrative and characters. His license is never at the expense of what makes the story, well, the story. Good show. And it did look beautiful, as it should rightly so. I was also concerned that it would drag but there again, I did not find myself sighing with the conscious awareness of passing minutes. I thought it was neatly paced, just so.