24 January 2013

Stumbled on...Demotivation for Publishing and Evil Editor

Well I said I'd be updating the blog more on a weekly basis and I'm kind of cheating because I'm referencing another's blog post. Though it is on topic - namely, publishing -  but a rather bleak out look on the prospect of getting your book out to the masses en print but hey ho! It's still a good laugh.

I stumbled across this when perusing 'Evil Editor (why you don't get published)' - a blog I have lost many hours to. Ideal for procrastinating. Have a click through and enjoy. Particular favourite posts are the 'Guess the Plot' - Evil Editor posts up five summaries based on what the book title might pertain to and then we are treated to the original query letter/synopsis which a budding author has submitted. The perk? You get to read EE's inline comments - witty to the point of being illegal. Oh and also sound advice on how to rewrite a query/synopsis for max. impact.

Below are two of my fave images posted by EE. To see the full post, visit here.


16 January 2013

Come on down!

I cast open the doors and I bid you enter this new blog. It's warm and cosy, like your favourite writer's chair and favourite mug of steaming tea. Or take your pick of the fab images below to illustrate the point.

*Sigh* Google search is an endless trove of wonders, non? Ranju wins extra points for being ballsy.

It's a new year with a lot of 'nouveau' elements slotting themselves into my life - new digs with Arctic Bunny, new community, new furniture, new job prospects and new experiences waiting to be had! And this blog is one aspect which is going to act as a sort of extension to the website, www.kjverma.com.  I really hope you join the experience of visiting or following this and I hope I can offer something decent. For more information on what likely content there will be, clickety-click over to this page.

If you've come over from the old blog, Note2Screen, a heartier greeting for you old companion. You have at least *considered* continuing this journey of sorts. Merci. (If you could see me, I would be adding flourish to this thanks by bowing and doing that swirly wave motion with my hand).