24 January 2013

Stumbled on...Demotivation for Publishing and Evil Editor

Well I said I'd be updating the blog more on a weekly basis and I'm kind of cheating because I'm referencing another's blog post. Though it is on topic - namely, publishing -  but a rather bleak out look on the prospect of getting your book out to the masses en print but hey ho! It's still a good laugh.

I stumbled across this when perusing 'Evil Editor (why you don't get published)' - a blog I have lost many hours to. Ideal for procrastinating. Have a click through and enjoy. Particular favourite posts are the 'Guess the Plot' - Evil Editor posts up five summaries based on what the book title might pertain to and then we are treated to the original query letter/synopsis which a budding author has submitted. The perk? You get to read EE's inline comments - witty to the point of being illegal. Oh and also sound advice on how to rewrite a query/synopsis for max. impact.

Below are two of my fave images posted by EE. To see the full post, visit here.


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