1 May 2013

Stumbled on...Genius GIFs to celebrate 'Mean Girls' Anniversary

Screen Crush have posted a wonderful piece on 'Mean Girls' which is SUCH an iconic film for me and definitely one of my all time faves because the script is so funny and timeless and it brought Tina Fey to my attention (one woman who I kind of aspire to like but unless I inherit some sort of witty/funny gene, I dunno...I may fall short of the mark).

Anyhow, the fine people at Screen Crush have geniusly put together a whole load of GIFs, capturing some of the best moment/lines of the movie. I've gone ahead and selected a few of my faves.

All time fave moment!

To see the full post with the amazing GIFs, clickety click here

Alas they forget one of the best moments, 'You can't sit with us!': 

Thank you, Tina Fey, thank you!

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