1 February 2013

New Short Story posted

So, this week, I'm actually blogging a relevant 'my own writing' kind of post. Gosh, what a terrible opening line! (Wahey, for unedited mind babble!)

Anyway, in an attempt to keep the website alive with fresher writing content, I've posted up the first part of a short story that I finally got around to penning. Now, I allowed myself to indulge a little with this text because I've not written it for any specific purpose, other than to get it down and done. It forms a prelude to a wider concept around a young girl befriending tree spirits. So I don't know whether it will in fact grow in that manner but hey.

So yes, I kind of wrote less censored or refined as it were and it's definitely a small exercise in drawing from 'what I know'. And it's in first person POV - shocker! It's not usually my format of choice - I'm not averse to it but perhaps I've resisted it from reading too many sub-standard YA fantasy - more on that in another post where I give my thoughts on 'City of Bones' and the insufferable patterns from this pop genre.

I'm rubbish at selling my work, which is something I need to skill up on because it's kind of necessary in the publishing obstacle course. But I know the starting point is just being able to write, write, write. And then putting out there into the internet-ether and letting it breathe, with the opportunity of others to give thoughts if they so desire.

I did enjoy just letting the words find their place on the page and I hope that kind of comes across to any readers.


  1. Hey Komal, I very much enjoyed Climbing Trees - are you going to continue it, as I'd love to read some more? I love the term 'arboreal sentinels!
    Kat x

  2. Aw Kat! Thank you so, so much, you've made my day! *Bestie hug* I am indeed thinking of expanding the story somewhat, so I better start planning it and getting some more done.

    ps - did you recognise the reference to good ole WCHS? :)