4 March 2013

Stumbled on...Phoenix Wright and My Little Pony Crossover Video Series

Ok, so I was hit with a big ole hunk of confirmation that the universe does indeed bring together blissful content that makes one feel very, very joyful. (I can hear you thinking now, 'Oh my! What could this fantabalous thing be?)

Check out the YouTube video below, reader. What you will be presented with is a mash-up of the Nintendo DS Capcom game, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and the Hasbro show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I stumbled on it while browsing PW on YouTube and, to my sheer delight I was presented with this. Brilliantly contrived and voice -acted, it's actually very clever and really simulates the Phoenix Wright game but in a long video format.

Granted, you're not playing the game and for those of you with Nintendo DS-es, please check out Phoenix Wright. You play a lawyer who investigates cases and your 'sidekick' is a girl who channels other people's spirits, mainly her older sister. It's genius. I'm not pitching it well AT all but you have to give it a shot. It's very immersive and quite the head scratcher. There is little else that tops the satisfaction one gets when playing the game; you corner your victim - that lying person in the witness stand - and bam! You get to call out, "Objection!"

And in these videos you experience with the magic of MLP! I always loved ponies and that pretty girl world around it but I was a tomboy when I was a kid, so I could not indulge in pony-funness. I had to pretend like it was lame - hard times. Now I'm coming out! What is there not to like about the MLP: FIM? It's so adorable and now Phoenix Wright gets to defend Twilight Sparkle and all her besties! *Breathes out* Too good.

Ok, I'll stop my gushing. I just wish I'D thought of it. Hats off to the creator(s) indeed. Wonders on the interweb never cease.

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