25 February 2013

No to the Oxford Comma

There are natural rhythms and pauses in the English language; peaks and troughs, in which there is no space or requirement for the Oxford comma - at all. Unnecessary. It makes the aesthetic of the written line...awkward. A comma before an 'and' and 'but' looks like an impostor, a trip, accidentally annoying, the proverbial banana skin placed to have you fall flat on your back. I really do find it hard to abide. I physically wince when I see one.

Unlike this kind writer, for me, it is  very personal *wicked smile*

Also the Environmental Secretary, Owen Paterson agrees, so my view is completed validated, I mean on a *cough* cooler note, Vampire Weekend sum it up in their song. Even though they say 'who gives a f*** about an Oxford comma?' it mattered enough to be in a song. So don't look at me like that, as if I wasted a whole blog post on this issue. It's safer in this kind of forum, as it could be a dangerous subject to broach out in the real world with actual people, as Lynne Truss said:
"There are people who embrace the Oxford comma and people who don't and I'll just say this: never get between these people when drink has been taken."

Vampire Weekend - Oxford Comma

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