12 April 2013

Poetry to plug the holes

I'm not really one for poetry, I kind of skated around it for years, thinking it required some other kind of intelligence to pen. Now it's what I do when I can't think of anything else, an ice-breaker in the otherwise awkward catch-up meeting I have with my on-going writing projects, projects which just sort of stare of me and ask "Soooo..."

(HAD to include this image I found when I typed in 'poetry is hard')

I was flipping back through one of my notebooks (has a pretty cover but not too pretty that I can't bring myself to write in it) to see how long I've been jotting my morning pages when I stumbled on this crude little creation:


With complete faith
I take this step, 
I make this leap,
I strike out in a sea of mist. 

No beacons light the way;
I become my own light, 
Shining bright enough to make day. 

In complete faith I am guided
By my own words and will, 
Running, no fear of standing still.

In complete faith, 
I take this step,
I make this leap, 
Even though the ground
Has ceased to be,
I now float or fly 
As is meant to be.

I don't actually have a good one for this, (I was shocked to realise my last two posts didn't even include them! Oversight!) So instead I'll fix on whatever I was listening to as I wrote this: 'Our House Below' - Cecile Corbel from 'The Secret World of Arrietty' Soundtrack
Our House Below - Instrumental Version by Cecile Corbel on Grooveshark

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