3 April 2013

Published: Short story in Annexe Magazine's new online fiction series

Ok, no excuses for not posting sooner, really and truly. I actually had a hit a bit of a block on all writing fronts, including what to post up here. That dam has now given way and there's been a bit a deluge :)

I am well chuffed to report that I was involved in an exciting project orchestrated by the fabulous Nick Murray, editor of Annexe Mag. When he told me about XY, he pitched it as a story written by several writers, all getting a certain section of the narrative - in one genre - and it was up to the writers to deliver it either via prose, verse or any other writing format from film or drama. We were given bare bones information - just three characters and a skeletal outline - sans knowing what the other writers' parts would be covering. This first issue is noir and I ain't ever tackled that beast before but heck, I gave it shot and now me name's in print *smiley face*

It's been pretty cool to see how the shape took form, as no one was quite sure how this was going to work - I mean, you're writing in the dark, excuse the pun. But it sort of works and the different formats and styles blend in their own way; each one really distinct but somehow linked with a loose cohesive strand to the one that precedes it and follows it. I must say I share company with exquisite crafters of the written word - Eley Williams, John Boursnell, Akiho Schilz, Jack Swain and Ben Gwalchmai.

Anyhow, please feel free to check it out and judge for yourself - it makes a perfect commute read or procrastination perusal.

Being lame, 'cos I typed in whatever into YouTube:


  1. Really enjoyed reading this - it's such an interesting idea, glad to see it all coming together as one!

  2. Thanks Kat!! it is really cool to see it - mostly just to see my work in digital print! I think the other writers nailed the 'Noir' element a bit more than moi but heck, I enjoyed it nevertheless!