30 July 2013

Have a good chortle with Po on her travels

One of my dearest friends, Po, headed off to South America mid-month for some travel fun over a period of four months (NB* That's 'Po' is in short for Pauline, not the Telly-tubby whatsit or Kung Fu Panda Po). She's wanted to do this for awhile, reader, so I applaud her courage and initiative because I say a lot of things I want to do and well...well, see my last post, *sniff*

Anyhow, she's only gone and started a travel blog of her wondrous accounts and it's good fun. You'll begin to get to know my mate without even meeting her, as it were, well because she writes so vividly in her own voice. It's like Po is sitting next to me, recounting all at our many get togethers in Giraffe. Don't ask, somehow we always manage to gravitate to Giraffe - we even have the 'table' we always sit at. If you happen to go there, I highly recommend the Sunshine Coast Iced Tea. Oh my, I just saw that they have a Falafel burger on the menu - that sounds divine. Must sample that next time. Oh, Po, I shan't be waiting until you come back, I'm afraid!

What is that?! Read her blog and find out: http://gadaboutwithpo.wordpress.com/
The blog is good fun, it's got that chortle-esque quality, not dissimilar to to our Miranda Hart. I don't know what Po's itinerary is and whether she'll soon be striking out into areas where there's no wi-fi but I can assure you that she updates more regularly than I do! I hope the whole adventure will be fulfilling for her and that we'll continue to hear all about it. Good show.

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