7 February 2013

Spoon Comedy at Camden Head

I had the pleasure of watching this fab comedy ensemble perform at Camden Head recently and took a few snaps of the night. It was a simple set but with some great laughs to be had. One of the comedians is ridiculously tall and the other petite, so you can imagine the scenarios that arose from that alone - a highlight was their take on the 'I look up to him' sketch. The troupe is made up of fab Pauline, cheeky Tiz, tall Paul and Jon,  the dude with the gun (see below).

I just think it's super brave to get up and give comedy sketches a go. And it was a great relief/antidote to the super stressful attempt to get there. I had to keep pausing the photo snaps to just sit back and appreciate the funny stuff.

Anyhoo! Spoon Comedy are on Facebook here and Twitter here. Their next show is on February 23rd if you fancy checking out some fun, fledgeling comedy.

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